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Hanlie Coetzee

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Inspired to create, not copy!

I have decided that it is time for my dream to become my reality.

I have always promised myself that once I turned 40, I would begin pursuing my real passion and start a new career journey.

I imagined that I would be sorted in life and released from emotional rollercoasters, that I would have reached the perfect weight and be free of wrinkles (without Botox)!  I believed that after 40 we would not have any debt and that I would be able to do what I like most: making women look pretty and feeling good about themselves!

Then life happened.  It did not exactly pan out according to my plans…I lost a part of my heartbeat.  I lost my mom, my hero and my motivator in life, to the big “C(ancer)” a month before I turned 40.

At the time I struggled to understand death and the reality of the raw emotion of missing someone so deeply you actually experience physical pain, and for two years I was just doing life solo…

But, God is good, ALL the time.  That is what I believed even though I did not feel it. His will for us is to walk in the authority of His son, Jesus, who died for our sins and conquered all sickness. He also says in His word in Romans 8:28 “and we know that all things work together for goodto those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose…”

“How can death due to illness be good?” This was the question on my mind all of the time.  After conversations with God, my friends, church family and Holy Spirit, I realised that there are questions I will not have answers for while I am still on earth…

When you are stuck in a place of isolation and hurt, it becomes the loneliest journey ever. Then you realise that sometimes the darkest of dark places can create an opportunity for Holy Spirit to move and make you vulnerable and teachable to hear His heart and voice.

Who am I? Whose am I? Who and what is my security in life?

I needed to CHOOSE to believe God is good, ALWAYS good, and I believe something came to life inside of me in this very sad and lonely time.  I realised that life on earth is only so long, and that death will always come too soon, irrespective your age.  You need to choose to start walking in that “thing” that makes you tick, that gives purpose to your life, that “thing” that is effortless to do, that “thing” that is called your overflow…

I needed to learn that only swinging brushes and lashes around and having nice and expensive makeup is NOT my ministry.  Instead it is having that intimate hour or less with someone speaking life into their soul.  Because a soul full of love and without pride understands the gift of life and God’s grace, and THAT is such a liberating place to be.

I’ve had awesome opportunities to learn and work on amazing projects during the past two years and now is the time to start expanding my influence and sow life into hungry souls and hearts.

I am ready for this new journey. My brand MOOI and my slogan: “Inspired to create, not copy!” reflects who I truly am.

Hanlie Coetzee

Professional Make-Up Artist